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The Benefits of Wedding Day Transportation

Why epic wedding transportation is the way to go.

On a wedding day, there are so many small and big moments that you remember forever. And there are so many opportunities to create fun, exciting and impactful memories for you and your guests. One of our favorite ways to make a statement is with your wedding transportation.

Think about it! This is the last event of your wedding day… let’s make it one to remember. Not only is this the last event that your guests get to experience, but it’s also your official transition into your newlywed life.

Maybe you’re traveling to your hotel room, to the airport, or even straight to your honeymoon. Wherever you’re headed, it’s so wonderful to create a lasting experience for this once in a lifetime moment.

Exit your wedding in style.

Let’s talk about some of the different options for your getaway and transportation needs. Our personal favorite is the classic vintage car. Talk about an elevated and showstopping experience!

We love vintage getaway cars. Commonly, and you will book them with the driver who will take you directly to your destination. Maria + Evan used their vintage car rental to their advantage by taking sunset photos at Old Wide Awake Plantation in Charleston, SC.

For coastal or lakeside weddings, consider a boat as a form of transportation. Even if it’s not used for an exit, it could always be used as a great photo op. Check out Lindsey + Ian sneaking away from The Beaufort Inn to take dockside sunset photos.

There is also always the option of the classic limo. A limousine gives you that feeling of luxury while serving as functional transportation. There’s nothing like sipping on champagne in the back of a limousine! Take us back to Charleston for Emily + Nolan‘s luxurious limo ride from Summerall Chapel to The Creek Club at I’On.

Functional can be just as fun!

We can’t forget about bridal party transportation from the ceremony to reception! If you’re in the city, a really fun option is to book a trolley or party bus to get the party started. We still dream about Caroline + Weston‘s Trolly Co. ride to the Poinsett Club in Greenville, SC.

We think it’s safe to say that you’ve got options for transportation on wedding day. As long as you have safe transportation to get you from point A to point B, you’re all set!

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